So Satisfying’s new look taps into our ASMR obsession

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So Satisfying’s new look taps into our ASMR obsession

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen ASMR (also known as Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) move from a niche fad into the mainstream, with everyone from McDonald’s to Lynx jumping on the brain-tingling bandwagon.
It doesn’t look set to go anywhere anytime soon either; in a recent piece for CR about what’s next for the sensory trend, design curator Anne-Laure Pingreoun wrote: “In our visually-saturated and texture-starved world, potent ways of triggering our other senses have more impact than ever. So far, ad agencies and marketers have only scratched the surface of ASMR’s potential but in the hands of artists, designers and makers we’re set to see its true and lasting impact unfold.”

Part of New York-based IMGN Media, So Satisfying has made a name for itself curating and creating content that sates our appetite for sensory stimulation. Vault49 was brought in to reimagine the brand’s look and feel to coincide with the launch of its new multi-platform video channel.
“The brief for So Satisfying was a unique challenge – how can we capture the feeling of ASMR content in a logo alone,” says Vault49 partner and creative director, Leigh Chandler.

The agency took inspiration from the sensorial effects of So Satisfying’s content itself, creating a series of animated statements that aim to playfully capture the ASMR experience.
In an animated version of the logo, which will be used across its social channels, the brand name is expanded to read as ‘Sooooooo Satisfying’, while in printed communications and interior spaces paper engineering and architecture are used to stretch out the ‘o’ in different ways.

The agency’s in-house CGI artists and animators have also created a series of bespoke ASMR videos to work alongside the new identity.
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