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About us

Here, at Austin Associates, we create simple, effective advertising strategies that connect with people across every channel by putting the customer at the center – and grow business in ways they can measure. With our wide range of services your business will grow!

 We embrace our performance expertise, harmonizing creative compelling content with the gritty aspects of digital and performance advertising – ultimately focused on delivering business outcomes for our clients.

Our Services


Your investment in advertising must produce results. Whether you are looking to build brand awareness, drive website traffic or generate sales leads, our award-winning advertising campaigns are focused on your Return on investment.


Good design should always be ‘Great Design’ and our experienced team of graphic designers provides cutting edge, high quality creative designs that meet your business requirements and answer your brief.


We provide a complete marketing service for any size of business, offering advice at a strategic level and combining marketing expertise with business acumen in order to help organisations succeed in achieving their objectives.


Your brand represents who you are as an organization and illustrates what makes you different from everybody else. This one thing, your brand, is the single most important way to tell a consumer,

“Hello. This is what I stand for and here’s why we should be friends.”


Austin Associates provides cutting edge digital strategy, design, and implementation to provide interaction and promotion through a complete range of digital media, including corporate websites, tactical websites, online advertising, and content marketing.


We understand the thought and care that go into creating stunning printed communications, and you can count on us to do exactly that on your brand’s behalf. Eye-catching advertisements, brochures, postcards Corporate stationery, and much more. We’re just getting started.

How the magic happens

If you want to know what makes Oblique different, it’s the way we do what we do. First, we get in the trenches with you and figure out what sets you apart. Then we help elevate your brand with a custom team of designers, copywriters, programmers, partners, and client service pros who want nothing more than to achieve your goals and stay on budget. Yes, seriously. Whatever you need, we’ll be here.

Client Input

Here’s where you come in: at the very beginning. In this initial phase, we uncover what’s what with you, your brand and your needs. That includes the scope of work, current positioning, specific challenges and expectations for the project. Questions, questions, questions. Answers, answers, answers.​


Now we pull you back for the home stretch. We present our ideas, gather your feedback, refine our thinking, finalize designs and deliver the finished product sealed with a hypothetical kiss. Or just a hug. And we look forward to the opportunity for a continued and lasting partnership as new needs arise.


Here’s where we start dipping our toes in your brand. We hit the books and web to research your brand, learn about your competitors and define trends in the space so we can be sure you come out differentiated on the other side of the process. We also do mood boards, which are as cool as they sound.


Next up is the fun part. We brainstorm, conceptualize, collaborate and create. We hit your brand around our brains like it’s a tetherball—throwing it every which way to see which grand-slam swing will be the one that gets us all the way around. We aim to excite you, surprise you and most of all, achieve your goals.

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