Patrick Thomas responds to ‘truth decay’ in new body of work

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Patrick Thomas responds to ‘truth decay’ in new body of work

In an age of deepfakes and alternative facts, it has become harder than ever to distinguish reality from fiction. It’s never been easier to manipulate information – whether it’s putting words in a celebrity’s mouth, doctoring audio or creating propaganda masked as ‘news’.
This erosion of truth and fact is the inspiration for Patrick Thomas’ new exhibition, PULP, which presents a collection of artworks created using found newspapers and computer-generated graphics.

Thomas – who is based in Berlin – is known for his experimental approach to printmaking, combining popular signs and symbols to create conceptual artworks that are open to interpretation.
His latest series is deliberately ambiguous – “the resulting prints may be appreciated for their abstract beauty and as a celebration of the disappearing broadsheet newspaper format; however, they might also conceal a darker significance that suggests manipulation, concealment and censorship,” says Thomas.

“They are powerful graphic statements that document a moment in time whose aim is to ask more questions than provide answers, which, due to the unstable physical properties of the newsprint material, will continue to silently evolve over the years.”
His prints are on display at Berlin art space A-Z until November 8, and Thomas will be discussing the project in a talk at the venue on October 10.; patrickthomas.comThe post Patrick Thomas responds to ‘truth decay’ in new body of work appeared first on Creative Review.

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