On Brief: Help Refugees x Luis Mazon

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On Brief: Help Refugees x Luis Mazon

Help Refugees works with grassroots organisations to provide food, shelter and support to refugees across Europe and the Middle East. It has helped over 1 million people since it was founded in 2015 and is now Europe’s largest provider of grassroots aid.
The group relies on public donations and support from volunteers and has adopted a creative approach to fundraising. It has worked with artists and designers to create limited edition prints featuring its ‘Choose Love’ slogan and has also launched pop-up stores where Christmas shoppers can purchase hot meals, blankets and life jackets for those in need.

Choose Love for your birthday
????????Birthday coming up? ???? ????This year, get family and friends to give a gift that really matters. Setting up a fundraiser on Facebook only takes seconds. It's an easy way to raise much-needed funds for refugees: https://www.facebook.com/fund/HelpRefugeesUK ????
Posted by Choose Love on Monday, 28 October 2019

Help Refugees has also been receiving donations through Facebook’s fundraising feature – a tool that allows people to collect funds for charities and causes through the platform.
For our On Brief initiative, we commissioned Barcelona-based illustrator Luis Mazon to create a set of visuals that could be used to encourage people to set up Facebook fundraisers in aid of Help Refugees.

Help Refugees initially asked Mazon to create a set of images to promote birthday fundraisers, but the idea soon evolved into a larger toolkit of animations.
“In the making of this project … it became evident that the cause itself is a year-round issue, and that instead of creating one-off assets that worked for one season or time of year, we could create a more modular toolkit that could be pieced together for a variety of seasons and peak moments,” explains Shahnaz Ahmed, Creative Strategist at Facebook.

Mazon’s animations highlight the life-saving items that donations can be put towards. Each one shows either cash or a celebratory item – such as a heart, a cake or balloons – turning into items that Help Refugees provides for people in need.
Ahmed worked with Help Refugees to draw up a list of objects for Mazon to illustrate and storyboards explaining the concept.
“Help Refugees helped define the visuals for the items, and we collectively decided the best visuals that could be used in conjunction with words to speak to different audiences and times of the year,” she explains.

Alongside creating animations to show what people’s donations are put towards, Mazon created colourful visuals featuring Help Refugees’ logo and its ‘Choose Love’ messaging. The result is a colourful set of assets that can be used to create a wide range of content for Facebook and Instagram.
Most of Help Refugees’ Facebook content is created in house, and this is the first time it has commissioned artwork for the platform. For this campaign, the organisation wanted to create some compelling visuals that would get people excited about the idea of launching a fundraiser, and Mazon’s vibrant and distinctive artwork was a perfect match.

“We loved Luis’ style. It’s lively, vivid and full of energy – perfect for building excitement around birthdays. We’re big into bright, bold colours, so his style suited that perfectly,” explains Alex Green, Field Communications Manager at Help Refugees.
Over the past few months, Help Refugees has used Mazon’s visuals to create a range of ads, and has since received £20,000 in donations through Facebook.

The project’s success is proof that it doesn’t require a huge budget to make people take notice on Facebook – just a clear message, well-crafted creative and an understanding of how to tailor content to suit people’s behaviour on the platform.
As Ahmed points out, the project also shows how charities can experiment with storytelling on different platforms. For this project, Help Refugees needed bold and concise ads that would give people a strong reason to donate. With Mazon’s visuals showing what donations can buy, and text urging people to choose love and ‘give a gift that really matters’, the fundraising campaign achieves this in just a few seconds – meaning even the most impatient scrollers will get the message before moving on to the next post.

“With charities in particular, storytelling is really important. Our opportunity on the platforms is to help people do something in just a few clicks – in order to do that, the creative asset itself needs to include brand, messaging and call to action in one asset,” adds Ahmed.
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