Michel Gondry directs HP’s Christmas ad

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Michel Gondry directs HP’s Christmas ad

Forget maids-a-milking and geese-a-laying. Michel Gondry’s charming ad for HP reimagines the well-known festive tune for the digital age, replacing traditional gifts with teens-a-texting, swipers swiping and lads-a-liking.
Inspired by the finding that the average family spends 250 hours on their screens during the holidays, the spot shows children, parents, grandparents and even Father Christmas himself glued to their phones and tablets during festive occasions. While it starts out as a tongue-in-cheek and somewhat dystopian look at our modern habits, the ad quickly changes tone when its stars discover the joys of getting involved in more sociable, analogue activities.

In true Gondry style, the spot is packed with witty in-camera effects and humorous moments – from a child bemoaning her low battery to scenes of parents checking their mobiles mid-sledge.
In addition to the ad, HP has teamed up with a range of creatives to produce 250 hours’ worth of physical activities for families to download and print out, including quizzes, games and activity sheets. It’s an admirable sentiment – and an inventive way to promote the subject of printing at Christmas. Gondry also created John Lewis’ 2017 brilliant Christmas ad, Moz the Monster – creating a loveable and slightly off-the-wall creature who befriends a young boy.
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