Raio Super Awesome Album Art by Carpe

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Raio Super Awesome Album Art by Carpe

Raio Super Awesome Album Art by CarpeabduzeedoAug 01, 2019

Lázaro Júnior “Carpe” designed a super awesome album art cover titled Raio, which means lightning bolt in english. As you can see on the awesome images that Lazaro shared, he mixed a 3D lightning symbol with astronauts and space theme. The result is pure awesomeness! 

Carpe is a pseudonym of the designer Lázaro Júnior, self-taught, and native of Recife. His designs play with geometric elements, futuristic shapes and carry a great reference in Renaissance collages and art. Having a consolidated aesthetic, he began his career as a graphic designer in 2015, working in some advertising agencies in Recife and São Paulo. Today he works full time as a digital artist, creating images for advertising and mainly artists in the musical field, thus reaching the international market in 2017, the same year he was featured in Behance’s Graphic Design Gallery. Having customers in countries like USA, Germany and Canada. In addition, it is a generator of content in social media, passing information on creative processes, market and topics involving image manipulation. For more information about the project and also to learn more about Lazaros work make sure to check out https://www.behance.net/carpelazz

Lightning masculine noun 1. radiation or particle emitted by a radiating body, by a light source

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