Parents find ingenious ways to hide their crisps in Walkers’ new ad

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Parents find ingenious ways to hide their crisps in Walkers’ new ad

As far as food-related dramas go, there are few things more frustrating than opening your favourite pack of crisps – and immediately being asked to share them around. It’s an anguish that parents have to endure on a regular basis, with their mid-afternoon snack reduced to a disappointing mouthful.
The parents and grandparents in Walkers’ new ad have gone to extreme lengths to avoid this situation, stashing packets of Monster Munch, Quavers and Wotsits in VHS cases, drawers and even bedside lamps.
Inspired by the insight that 64% of parents have been hiding snacks from their kids, the film is based around the idea that Walkers’ crisps are just too good to share, and marks a departure from celeb-fronted spots featuring the Spice Girls and footballer-turned-TV pundit Gary Lineker.

The film launches on TV this weekend and is part of a wider campaign spanning competitions and interactive content. An interactive version created for social media challenges viewers to find extra hidden packs in each scene and Walkers will be inviting the public to share their own hiding places.
The brand has also teamed up with Colin Furze – the YouTube creator known for his madcap inventions – to create a series of ‘ultimate hiding hacks’ videos, which offer a step by step guide to creating expanding lampshades and concealed doors.
At a time when ads have become increasingly earnest, it’s refreshing to see something fun, simple and rooted in observational humour. The ad is bound to spark conversations among viewers about their own crisp-hiding habits – though unfortunately, it also means parents will have to work even harder to stash their snacks now that Walkers has revealed their secrets.

Creative Director: Graham Jenks
Director: Chris Balmond
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